Easy Accounts Mobile App

This mobile app is designed specifically for businesses that sell products on the go.


Why Easy Accounts Mobile App?

Easy Accounts is an integrated ERP software solution that helps businesses manage their finances, inventory, and customer data.

One of the key modules of the software is Route Sale management, which is designed specifically for businesses that sell products on the go.


Features Of Easy Accounts Mobile App.

Route planning

Easy Accounts Route Sale module provides a comprehensive route planning tool that enables businesses to plan their delivery routes in advance. This helps to save time and fuel costs, as well as reducing the risk of missed deliveries.

Customer management

The software helps businesses to manage their customer data, including their contact information, order history, and delivery preferences. This makes it easy to provide personalized service to customers and build strong relationships with them.

Inventory Management

The Route Sale module enables businesses to manage their inventory levels, track stock movements, and monitor product availability in real-time. This helps to ensure that businesses always have the right products on hand to meet customer demand.

Mobile App

Easy Accounts comes with a mobile app that enables drivers to access real-time information about their routes, customers, and inventory. This makes it easy for them to stay organized and provide efficient service to customers on the go.

Sales Tracking

The software enables businesses to track their sales data, including order history, revenue, and customer feedback. This helps to identify trends and opportunities for growth, as well as areas where improvements can be made.


We provide various report tools from Summarized and detailed reports etc.


Benefits Of Easy Accounts Mobile App.

Increased Efficiency

Easy Accounts Route Sale module streamlines business operations and automates repetitive tasks, which reduces manual work and increases efficiency.

Improved accuracy

The software eliminates the risk of errors and omissions that can occur with manual data entry and processing.

Cost Savings

By optimizing inventory levels, reducing delivery times, and minimizing manual labor, Easy Accounts Route Sale module can help businesses to reduce costs and improve profitability.

Better customer service

The software provides real-time visibility into customer data, which enables businesses to provide faster, more accurate service to their customers.

Route management

Route Sale ERP enables businesses to plan and optimize their delivery routes, track deliveries in real-time, and manage driver schedules.

User Friendly

Very easy interface to design and UI.

Easy Accounts Mobile App is Awesome !

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